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For further information of the conference, please contact the working group of 2023 3rd International Conference on Information, Electronics and Computer (ICIEC 2023):


(1) Via Email: iecconf@126.com


(2) You can contact the working group at mainland, China:

Dr Shen(申)QQ: 1223535862

Dr Li(黎)QQ: 482788911

Dr Yuan(袁)QQ: 2590631410

Dr Tang(唐)QQ: 2785000864

Dr Ming(明)QQ: 1197491775

Dr Zheng(郑)QQ: 3385477465

(3) Editorial Office TEL: 18874041453

(AM 9:00-PM 12:00, PM 14:00-PM 17:00, Monday to Friday)

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